Monday, July 8, 2013

Strategy Game Review - eRepublik

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Since i was 3 years old i have been playing video games. I know what makes a good game, I know what it takes to make a game great, And i know what has to be done for a game to hit legendary status.
Most out there think for a game to be great it must have great graphics. But this is in no way true. Many of my favorite games are on the super Nintendo and N64. They did not have great graphics yet i still love them.
Or it has to have a great storyline or at lest great gameplay. This is some what true. All games have a storyline but its to what point and everyone has a different gaming style.
But no what makes a game great is how it pulls the player in. Graphics, Storyline, And game play sole purpose is to do this. To make the player feel attached to the game. To feel real emotions to what is going on in the game.
This is were Erepublik (Strategy Game Review) sets itself away from other games. With out the graphics of the 360 or PS3 or even ones from other web based games Erepublik has achieved something developers have been trying to do for as long as games have been around. And only few have.

They have created a game that can really pull the player in. I don't know about you but when i play Erepublik i really feel like I'm a citizen of the new world. At times i get mad when i read a article on politics like i would when i watch RL news on RL politics. I get sad when i see a Friend on my Friends list has died. Its because of this that Erepublik has become a great game.

However over time i have seen that Erepublik has done even more. They have found the secret that makes a game hit legendary status.
The game makes a player feel as if he can do anything. There are really no limits of what Erepublik can do and become. There are no real borders with it. It has evolved beyond just the game. Many players have made forums, Websites, And chats. The new world has taking on a life of its own. The admins must feel proud to see that they crated a real world within this game.

Many games call themselves payer ran but most fail to do this. Erepublik has done what most fail at. It truly is player ran. One player can make a real impact. It has become my life away from my life.
Most game developers write there own history to give the game a background, But with Erepublik the players write the games history. There is a history book on Erepublik and many famous players are in it, And so can you be in the history books as well. When i read of the wars that were fought, The way life was back only a few years ago I'm like wow i wish i could have lived Thu that. The players not the admins control the game. The admins enforce what the player's decide. Like treaty's between country's.
That's another thing the admins have been really great. I don't think anyone gives them the credit for what they do. Most admins in other games are control freak's that ban you for the simplest reasons. However the admins of Erepublik are fair, Kind, And they really do listen.
Don't believe me well. Not to long ago i got in a debate or rather in a argument with some guy. He got mad and reported me to the admins. He said ha ha i just got you banned. I called him a #$^% because he was acting like one. He was yelling at me to. He thought the admins just ban whoever with out looking into it. He was wrong the admins review the reports and listen. Because of that i was in the clear. Not many staff members will do that.Also when i message them needing help they reply pretty fast and its hand writing not automatic.

Games are meant to make the player feel that hes apart of something. Apart of a world that was created just for them. Many fail, Some come close, But Erepublik has done it. If there was ever a game that would make me become addicted to it and play it 24/7, In till my real life fall to hell and that my family was forced to hold a intervention, And i was forced into a video game rehab center it would be Erepublik . To bad that after i kick my addiction i would have to sue them for damaging my mental hearth. Just joking I'm already damaged up there.

There are some flaws but even with that the only place for the game to go is up. Maybe v2 will will give us a bigger new world to mess with.

Well Erepublik i was looking for a great game to play on my computer. I played many and i have come to this.
World Of War Craft hate it, Erepublik love it.
So Erepublik as long as the new world still stands i will be a citizen of it.
Strategy Game Review - eRepublik

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  1. eRepublik is basically a Romanian scum.

    And it goes like this:

    You have NO RIGHTS, you can be suspended or banned for no reason. Along with that all your money in account disappear and you become many hundreds of gold negative - this way admin trying to rob you for HUNDREDS OF $$$.

    2. You will NEVER EVER CATCH UP with people who started playing years ago.
    Any evolution can happen only linearly since max strength increase is ~91 strength/day.

    3. There is NOTHING TO DO.
    All standard daily activities take about 30 clicks.

    4. You LOOSE MONEY in any other activities. And this means PAYING LOTS OF REAL MONEY if you want to have more fun.

    5. THERE IS NO ECONOMICS IN THIS GAME, just speculation.
    Ask any player and he will tell you the same: "THERE IS NO ECONOMICS IN THIS GAME". To become cash positive you have to pay at least 300 REAL USD to buy descent factory.

    This is blood-sucking SKIMMER BOX for online junkies. Game does not expect you to act intelligently, because this is their privilege.