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Play free online multiplayer games - eRepublik

Play free online multiplayer games - eRepublik

eRepublik is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online browsergame with a lot of players. The game was launched in autumn of 2007, more precisely in november 2007, by eRepublik Labs whose founder was George Lemnaru. The company that is behind of the game, eRepublik Labs, was founded in the same year with the game, and has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. George Lemnaru was the person who founded this social game,he was financially supported by Alexis Bonte with € 550.000, the money was offer in exchange for 11% of the company. Shares value was established by George Lemnaru and Alexis Bonte from the site evaluation, an evaluation which revealed a market value of the site at €5 millions.
Right after the agreement of the two, eRepublik started to grow and continue to climb significant places in statistics, over time the game has several rounds of financing, the total sums is around € 2.75 millions, money was coming from various investors and companies such as: Brent Hoberman, Stefan Glaenzer, Mihai Crasneanu, Alexandre Almajeanu, Diego Meller, Philippe Seignol and AGF Private Equity.
In late of 2009,early of 2010, eRepublik had 1 milion users, from these, 33% accessing the site regularly. The number of visits on eRepublik site was around 4 millions/ month, and a more impressive number of hits, 100 millions/ month. We can say that eRepublik was the first game created by a romanian citizen who had such success.
eRepublik is an online browsergame where players had a variety of activities. eRepublik citizens can be employees, can be business owners, party president, country president, can write articles on their newspappers and can participate on virtual wars between countries. Global currency of the game is eRepublik GOLD, a currency that can be converted into local currency (example: GBP,USD,etc) or you can buy additional features (such as companies). eRepublik GOLD can be obtained freely by reaching certain levels or achivements, or purchased in exchange of real money.
The similarity between eRepublik and real life is very high, actually that was the main target of George Lemnaru when he launched this game. In eRepublik everyone can choose where to become famous. Some may become the most successful journalists, others can become the most successful owners of companies, others may opt for a successful military career while some may become politicians, in that way the game is even close to real life.
The game continues to attract players, eRepublik is in the first 2500 sites on Alexa Rank with many positive feedbacks from those who have played eRepublik. However, over the years other games appeared on this segment, those games was similar to eRepublik but with game mechanics totally different.
In April 2012, the father of eRepublik, George Lemnaru he retired from the position of operating director which he occupies. He still remained a minority shareholder, and he will remain as a consultant for another one and a half year, game currently being led by Alexis Bonte and Mihai Adamut. George Lemnaru said that after nine years of entrepreneurship, deserves a break, following that in the future more or less close to launch another game platform which will target men over 20 years and international market. In April 2012, eRepublik had 3 million users , and from that 3 millions , 200.000 logged at least once per month. As said by the Ministry of Finance, 2-3 years ago, eRepublik Labs had a turnover of € 0.9 millions and a profit around the amount of € 32.000.


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