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Economy Online Game - eRepublik

Economy Online Game - eRepublik
Welcome to part one of the Economy Guide for New Players (EGNP)

There is a lot of place where I could start but i will start with the Raw Material companies

It begins in Raw material companies (Grain, Iron, Oil and Stone companies).
The managers hire workers to work for them. The workers work and produce raw materials (grain, iron, oil and stone). The higher the health of the worker the higher amount of raw materials they produce. Managers of companies prefer for workers to be effiecent and work with higher wellness. Working with higher wellness also increases your economy skill. Your economy skill determines your economy level. The higher the level the higher your production which means a higher paycheck. If you work everyday and work with high health then your economy skill will level up faster.

What happens if a worker doesn't work with a high wellness? Then the worker produces less and the manager gets less money for selling the materials, And your economy skill gets less points.

Lets say I work with a 100 health. My economy skill increases by 467. You produce half of your economy skill you get by working. So I produced 234 grain. Lets say it is sold for 0.09.
234 x 0.09 = 21.06
so that means the manager gets 21.06 for the sale. if your salary is higher than that then the manager loses money. to check how much the manager makes multiply your produce by the lowest market price (if working in a Raw company) and that is how much the manager made. if it is more than your salary then that is good. but if it is less then that means you are underproducing so either your salary make be cut, you may be fired or the manager may leave you alone. its best to stay safe and work with full 100 wellness.

Basicaly same applies to food and weapon companies multiply your production by the lowest market price however they have a VAT tax which changes the numbers slightly. Basicly you should take away the VAT also from what the manager gets (in a Q1 company for food around 4-5 cents)
lets look at would be our resources. Which are in

this link

This page shows bascially alot about eCanada's economy. the resources we have, our taxes and other stuff.
On this page the first thing you should see is the amounts of resources Canada has. Each region has a resource which gives a bonus to the productivity to the workers. right now we have

4 Fish regions
Fish are a resource that give a bonus to food companies. A fish region gives a 5% bonus to food productivity. Since we have 4 that means we have a food bonus of 20%.

3 Cattle regions
Cattle are like fish also give food productivity. since we have three that adds 15% to our food productivity. So we have a 35% food bonus.

3 Deer regions
Deer are like cattle and fish so we can add another 15% to our food bonus making it 50%

1 fruit region
Same as the other mentioned resources so we add 5% to our bonuses making it 55%

0 Grain regions
the last resource that affects food. Acually they affect grain productivity. If a country has a grain region their grain productivity gets a 25% bonus. Grain is needed to make food.

We also have

2 Aluminum regions
Aluminum is basically like fish, cattle deer and fruit but instead of affecting the food bonus productivity it gives a bonus towards weapon productivity. So we have a 10% for weapons

0 saltpeter, or rubber

These are basically the same as aluminum they give a 5% bonus to weapon productivity.

0 Oil
Oil is like the three resources that give bonuses to weapon productivity, but it also is needed to produce moving tickets

1 Iron region
Iron is like grain it gives a 25% bonus to iron production which is needed to make weapons.

So what can we make from these resources?

Raw material companies make raw materials (grain, iron, stone and oil) and sell them to companies who need the raw materials to make products.

Food is made out of Grain which is made by Grain companies.

Moving Tickets are made out of oil bought from oil Companies

Weapons are made out of iron which is made in iron companies.

Houses, Hospitals and Defense Systems are made by stone.

Don't worry about what hospitals and defense systems are as they will be deleted by the Admins soon enough.

Types of companies
there are raw companies (grain, oil iron and stone). these compaines create raw materials which are sold to manufacturing companies
they are Q1 companies meaning by working in them you will lose only one health. raw companies cannot be upgraded into Q2, Q4 or Q83 etc.

The manufacturing companies (food, weapons, moving tickets, house, defense system and hospitals) create finished goods which citizens can buy (except for defense system and hospitals which are used by the goverment to defend certain regions). they can be and quality (Q) which is from Q1 to Q5
The Q of the company determines the amount of health you lose by working. Working in a Q1 company amkes you lose 1 health, Q2 lose 2 health and so on. it is best ot work in a Q1 company if as you lose the least health.

Next is the taxes

There is three types of taxes 
Income, import and Vat
Vat does not apply to Raw Materials
Income tax taxes the worker and the manager.
lets say you work in a food company. 5% of your income goes to the government.
Import taxes affect the prices of items from other countries. A company selling food from a different country would have to have sell at a lower price and then have a tax added to it increasing the price of the product.
Last is the VAT
the Vat tax applies only to manufactured products and not to raw materials. the VAT (value added Tax) taxes the buyer of manufactered products. Lets say a manager wants to put food on the market for $0.80, the VAT adds 5% to the price so it becomes 0.84 that 5% added goes to the government. Basically its like real life. (tax is included)

Short Summary 
Workers produce raw materials or manufactered products (depending on their company) which the manager sells. The higher the health of the worker the more he produces. The better quality of the company the more health the worker loses. Fish, Cattle, Deer and Fruits regions all increase the food production of workers. Grain regions increase the production of grain for workers. Aluminum, Saltpeter, rubber and oil increase weapon productivity rates. Oil also is needed for moving tickets. Iron increases iron production.
Grain makes food, Iron makes weapons, Oil makes moving tickets, Stone makes houses. Defens systems and hospitals are almost useless. Income taxes tax how much the government takes away from a workers income. Import tax taxes the products from other countries. VAT applies only to manufactured products and tax the products people buy.

Even shorter summary 
Work with high health

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