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Best free multiplayer games - eRepublik

Best free multiplayer games - eRepublik

eRepublik is a browser strategy game with elements of social media. Players begin as a citizen of one of the countries and must work and train battle skills which are useful during the war. To survive in the eWorld you need just two clicks a day, and if anyone wants to involve more with it - also has this capability through political and journalistic actions or by starting their own company and employing other players.

eRepublik is a difficult game for review because of the frequent changes that are introduced by a team of administrators creating this product. If you read this text in two months time, it will probably be already out of date as many elements of the game may change. Is it good? We’ll tell later…

Wake up. It’s time for breakfast and then to work. After work we’ll go to the gym and there, under the guidance of a personal trainer, workout a bit. We go back home and collect an award for being a model citizen of our eCountry. Such a routine in the real world would lead many people mad. However, the possibility of falling into a double-clicking routine makes eRepublik a unique game, a game that it’s not so easy to forget.


A child born into the world does not fully understands what is going on around him. He’s taken out of the safe belly of his mum and thrown into the deep waters of life, which he learns for several years. It’s the same in eRepublik. The first days are very difficult - the game is very complex and it appears that the discovery of many of its elements will take many months. Fortunately, the community living within our eCountry is very helpful. It’s the community that makes the New World such a wonderful place to live in. At the beginning, apart from the tutorial run by Plato, a Greek philosopher, we get the necessary support from senior players. Because everyone is aware that the eRepublik is not the easiest of games and if we want our eCountry to grow strong, we need as many people as we can.

To find a job, just visit the job market to find the best offer. We can work once a day and we gain a salary for our good work. The better employees we are, the more the employer appreciates us, as a result, we are better paid. With time, we can open our own business to recruit others and earn more. Such a move would require from us a lot of entrepreneurship skill and market knowledge. Many players have lost all their savings, due to having problems with running the company or ignoring the market.

Each player has also the duty to - in case of emergency - defend his country or to conquer other countries. A relevant Ministry ensures the proper conduct of the war, the choice of strategies and a number of other factors. The common player’s main task is to participate in the fight every day, according to the published orders. Focusing our attacks on the wrong fight we waste not only money, but also the chance to influence the fate of an important battle.


The initial development is based primarily on a model walking to work, through which we earn bread, and training, which is needed in order to be the most significant on the battlefield in the virtual war. With each day in the New World we learn more about the very interesting aspects of life. The game gives the community a huge leeway in terms of impact on the fate of the world. Players are a part of the government led by President appointing ministers keeping a hand on various factors of the country's development. Those representatives guard that the treasury would always be full of gold and our borders secured.

The career of a politician or a businessman is not the only option we have. We can also be the editors’ of our own newspapers and publish your articles read by the players. You only need to spend some money to start and have something to write about. And there are plenty of topics - from humorous satirical comic amusement in the service of the nation, through the analysis of all wars and economic issues, to the criticism of our mercifully reigning government. You can also join the battle groups, which jointly train and synchronize their attacks. They’re known for their enormous power of destruction and their impact on various battles. Often, the state invests in the training of members of various groups so that they can train in the most efficient way, and thus – to inflict more damage. Groups can also have their companies, the income from which is earmarked for the overall development.

Briefly - we have enormous opportunities and it’s not possible to describe them all in such a short text.


The basic currency of the game is the national currency - different for each country. Just like in the real world, the odds are dynamic and depend on the situation in the country. The stronger the countries are, the more their money is worth. The currency shared by all, and also being the Premium currency, is Gold. We can purchase it with real money, but the game offers us many other ways to obtain it. With every next level we receive a certain number of gold that can be used in many different ways, for example on improving the efficiency of one’s work or training and developing his own business. Many people active on the military level and trying to create the most successful businesses invest real money in Gold, but the game does not force anyone to buy it. Average citizen simply does not have to. The average citizen can give his gold to charity or even sell it on the black market in the form of online auctions (but it’s against the rules!). During my two years of playing this game I didn’t feel like buying the gold and that's certainly a big plus.

Changes in some elements of the game are also worth mentioning. With the support of the community in the form of a number of ideas sent in a public forum, the creators have implicated a lot of "improvements". Sometimes, however, these amendments are really unnecessary and are a killjoy, including many who force people playing for several years to commit a virtual-suicide because of starvation. It has already happened that administrators made ​​their changes, which deterred a large part of the community. The only solution was to restore the old practices. Therefore, frequent updates are difficult to clearly identify as a disadvantage or advantage. They just occur. Some worse, other better. Changes from the past several months can be also seen in screenshots, so I invite you to become acquainted with the gallery, which you can find in one of the tabs.

eRepublik is undoubtedly a game that you have to give a chance. Despite difficult beginnings, which every citizen of the New World must go through, we won’t say goodbye to this title for a long time. Even if we don’t have time or don’t feel life being active, we can drop by once a day to feed our citizen and work. Even if we let him die when we no longer desire to play – it’s no problem to make him come alive once again.

Best online game ever - eRepublik

Best online game ever - eRepublik

When I first heard of eRepublik, I was curious. It claimed to be a browser-politics-SecondLife mix. It did not sound bad. I went to the site to register and instead found this…
Yeah, 538 people waiting to play this game. The first thought that came through my mind was “This game has to be GREAT!”. So I signed up and waited patiently for my invite. After a month and a half, the invite arrived. I had already forgotten about the game but was eager to try it out.
First Look: When you first sign up for an invite, you can pick what country/region you want to join, but it means nothing as you have to pick again when you get the invite and actually register. You start in your picked country/state and if it isn’t a popular region, there won’t be many people in your town to interact with. I picked the USA for country and Montana for the state. From there, I was assigned to the city of Helena, which has a population of 9. Some regions like New York City have a population of over 200. Others, like Spain, have regions with 500 citizens. But don’t pay much attention to the region you select as you can move later on.
First Impressions: There isn’t much to do. When you first start, all you can do is join the military, and make a CV (portfolio, resume) so you may get a job. Depending on how much salary you ask for, you get a job offer from one of the user-owned companies. Depending on how often you work, you get raises as you level up. Later on, you can even create your own company. Another option is to join the military and take part of the wars in the game. I haven’t been part of one yet so can’t say much about that.
Daily Tasks: There are several things you can do everyday. You can work, do military training, check your food inventory, and vote. All these only require a click of the mouse so it won’t take long. Another thing you can do is invite friends. They claim you get gold when you do so, but I invited a friend who then joined, but I never got any gold, despite emailing them twice about it. Another aspect of the game is the media. You can write articles about in-game politics which is supposed to be interesting. It’s not.
Conclusion: This isn’t a game that will take much of your day. It will barely take a minute, if that. In fact, there isn’t much of a reason to join. You might want to join if you’re bored, in which case, don’t. But if you insist, leave a message on the comments with your email address and we’ll send you an invite. And by the way, that 538 people waiting message has not changed…yet.
Rating 9/20
[ Graphics | 2 ]
[ Gameplay | 2 ]
[ Through | 3 ]
[ Fun Factor | 2 ]


Play free online multiplayer games - eRepublik

Play free online multiplayer games - eRepublik

eRepublik is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online browsergame with a lot of players. The game was launched in autumn of 2007, more precisely in november 2007, by eRepublik Labs whose founder was George Lemnaru. The company that is behind of the game, eRepublik Labs, was founded in the same year with the game, and has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. George Lemnaru was the person who founded this social game,he was financially supported by Alexis Bonte with € 550.000, the money was offer in exchange for 11% of the company. Shares value was established by George Lemnaru and Alexis Bonte from the site evaluation, an evaluation which revealed a market value of the site at €5 millions.
Right after the agreement of the two, eRepublik started to grow and continue to climb significant places in statistics, over time the game has several rounds of financing, the total sums is around € 2.75 millions, money was coming from various investors and companies such as: Brent Hoberman, Stefan Glaenzer, Mihai Crasneanu, Alexandre Almajeanu, Diego Meller, Philippe Seignol and AGF Private Equity.
In late of 2009,early of 2010, eRepublik had 1 milion users, from these, 33% accessing the site regularly. The number of visits on eRepublik site was around 4 millions/ month, and a more impressive number of hits, 100 millions/ month. We can say that eRepublik was the first game created by a romanian citizen who had such success.
eRepublik is an online browsergame where players had a variety of activities. eRepublik citizens can be employees, can be business owners, party president, country president, can write articles on their newspappers and can participate on virtual wars between countries. Global currency of the game is eRepublik GOLD, a currency that can be converted into local currency (example: GBP,USD,etc) or you can buy additional features (such as companies). eRepublik GOLD can be obtained freely by reaching certain levels or achivements, or purchased in exchange of real money.
The similarity between eRepublik and real life is very high, actually that was the main target of George Lemnaru when he launched this game. In eRepublik everyone can choose where to become famous. Some may become the most successful journalists, others can become the most successful owners of companies, others may opt for a successful military career while some may become politicians, in that way the game is even close to real life.
The game continues to attract players, eRepublik is in the first 2500 sites on Alexa Rank with many positive feedbacks from those who have played eRepublik. However, over the years other games appeared on this segment, those games was similar to eRepublik but with game mechanics totally different.
In April 2012, the father of eRepublik, George Lemnaru he retired from the position of operating director which he occupies. He still remained a minority shareholder, and he will remain as a consultant for another one and a half year, game currently being led by Alexis Bonte and Mihai Adamut. George Lemnaru said that after nine years of entrepreneurship, deserves a break, following that in the future more or less close to launch another game platform which will target men over 20 years and international market. In April 2012, eRepublik had 3 million users , and from that 3 millions , 200.000 logged at least once per month. As said by the Ministry of Finance, 2-3 years ago, eRepublik Labs had a turnover of € 0.9 millions and a profit around the amount of € 32.000.

Free online multiplayer strategy games - eRepublik

Free online multiplayer strategy games - eRepublik
It’s a web browser free-to-play mmo game developed by eRepublik Labs in 2008. You become a citizen of a country that you chose and then go up on the social ladder from nobody to national hero, party leader, congressman or even president. Of course, if you play it right. The fun part is that you can remain nobody and still feel to be part of something bigger.
So let’s speak about the fun parts. First thing you have to do is chose a country. I chose Canada because … well … because Canada rocks, and because nobody wants to attack Canada … Right? Well … wrong. First message I get is from the president: “We are fighting United Kingdom, struggling to keep our territories but also to expand our borders”. Damn Brits. Leave Canada alone.
As expected you start untrained, unemployed and uneverything. For better understanding of the game mechanics you have some missions that will guide you through the game.
You can get a job at one of other player’s companies. That’s I think something just to be there as it doesn’t really give so much advantage in anything. Then you will enroll in a military company. That’s right, you are already part of something bigger, your actions will from now on influence the world around you. Not really but at least it feels like it. Until level 10 or so the military campaigns will provide the experience boost for leveling up.
At 10 your should already have enough gold to build your own weapons factory so you can produce weapons every day. So I’m not just a citizen, I’m a weapon dealer. And quite a bad one because all my weapons brake after a few uses so I need to buy/produce others in order to fight for my country. Actually there is no ammo system so the guns, bazookas or tanks that your use have a limited number of fires until they disappear. That’s not really so much of an issue. As you fight or work your life goes down (one more prove that work kills people). You are a farmer too so you can produce your own food to heal you through the day.
There is a big weapon, food, parts market that can provide the necessary needs to live and prosper in eRepublik. There is even a monetary market to exchange your money and a place where you can buy second hand companies from other players. So so many things to do. This is always a good for a killing time web browser game. But as I suspected there is more on eRepublik to do that killing foreigners. The community is huge and there are conflicts everywhere. The world map is split in little provinces that need to be controlled and conquered. Each country has its own allies and enemies which are kinda shaped like in the real world. For example Romania is fighting Hungary, Chile is fighting Argentina, Portugal Spain and Mexico USA.
Back to domestic politics. You can either create your own party or join one that is already created. Each has a president elected periodically and it’s own political platform with promises just like in real life. Sounds fun, right? There are even national presidential elections and the parties are really fighting each other. This means alliances, backstabbing and a lot of spam in your inbox. Still, lots of fun. If you add the economy, the military strategy and the multitude of options in building a community, eRepublikis definitely bringing browser games to a new level.
All sounds like fun until you realize that this experience costs. What I mean is that for full enjoyment of the game your need to pay real money, not because they force your to buy things but because it will boost your activities and will reduce the waiting time between your health regenerates or you can finish a mission. Of course , you can’t blame the game for that, it is free-to-play and everybody commits at a different level, depending on how much you like it or how much are you willing to pay for it.
In conclusion eRepublik is a fun game that stepped out from the normal boring browser game type to a new more global and more interesting one.


Best free online multiplayer games - eRepublik

Best free online multiplayer games - eRepublik
eRepublik is a popular new browser-based strategy MMO with a mix of social networking features. Players create a citizen and chose a real-world country to start their new lives in. A tutorial video where Plato, your mentor, explains the game’s basics does a good job at introducing players to eRepublik. Actual gameplay activities in the ERepublik are sparse, players must find a job and can train daily to improve their military capabilities. Beyond that, social interaction is the main focus of the game. Players can organize political parties, create newspapers, and participate in battles against foreign nations. Seasoned players can even start their own companies and hire other players. The publishers are taking a modular development approach so look for additional features to be added incrementally.


Military online game - eRepublik

Military online game - eRepublik

eRepublik is a massively multiple player online, social networking and strategy web browser game: a mirror version of the real world that allows you to follow your political, economic or military aspirations and change the course of history.

eRepublik is about changing the course of history in a huge virtual society.  The massively multiplayer online strategy game is set in a mirror world where players, referred to as citizens, join in local and national politics, set economic policy, start businesses and wage wars with other countries.  Players can lead their fellow citizens to prosperity as country presidents or control the market as rich company managers. When it comes to war, diplomacy helps, but citizens will need to get a weapon to defend their country's borders - or expand them. With over 47 countries, 8,000 businesses, and varied country resources, strategy and know-how are critical to making it to the top.  One this is for sure though - the future of the New World is in the hands of its citizens.

The game is designed to take just 15 minutes per day to maintain an active citizen. eRepublik estimates that over 90% of the content in the game has been created by citizens, including thousands of newspapers, hundreds of political parties, and more than 2,900 companies that employ over 23,000 citizens. Citizens also provide national defense as soldiers and set foreign policy as presidents, congressmen and leaders of political parties.


The current version of the game is version 1.0. It adds on popular features including:

- Resistance wars - countries that have been taken over or occupied can now stage resistance wars against the aggressing country
Raw materials - countries will now be able to exploit and trade raw materials such as oil, wood, grain and diamonds
Embargoes - presidents will be able to set economic embargoes against countries
Minimized corruption - a new system that reduces the ability of presidents to steal the assets of countries
New tools for Congress - ability to propose and debate laws and impeach the president
Improved media section - a completely new media section that allows media owners to better reach their subscribers...


Economy Online Game - eRepublik

Economy Online Game - eRepublik
Welcome to part one of the Economy Guide for New Players (EGNP)

There is a lot of place where I could start but i will start with the Raw Material companies

It begins in Raw material companies (Grain, Iron, Oil and Stone companies).
The managers hire workers to work for them. The workers work and produce raw materials (grain, iron, oil and stone). The higher the health of the worker the higher amount of raw materials they produce. Managers of companies prefer for workers to be effiecent and work with higher wellness. Working with higher wellness also increases your economy skill. Your economy skill determines your economy level. The higher the level the higher your production which means a higher paycheck. If you work everyday and work with high health then your economy skill will level up faster.

What happens if a worker doesn't work with a high wellness? Then the worker produces less and the manager gets less money for selling the materials, And your economy skill gets less points.

Lets say I work with a 100 health. My economy skill increases by 467. You produce half of your economy skill you get by working. So I produced 234 grain. Lets say it is sold for 0.09.
234 x 0.09 = 21.06
so that means the manager gets 21.06 for the sale. if your salary is higher than that then the manager loses money. to check how much the manager makes multiply your produce by the lowest market price (if working in a Raw company) and that is how much the manager made. if it is more than your salary then that is good. but if it is less then that means you are underproducing so either your salary make be cut, you may be fired or the manager may leave you alone. its best to stay safe and work with full 100 wellness.

Basicaly same applies to food and weapon companies multiply your production by the lowest market price however they have a VAT tax which changes the numbers slightly. Basicly you should take away the VAT also from what the manager gets (in a Q1 company for food around 4-5 cents)
lets look at would be our resources. Which are in

this link

This page shows bascially alot about eCanada's economy. the resources we have, our taxes and other stuff.
On this page the first thing you should see is the amounts of resources Canada has. Each region has a resource which gives a bonus to the productivity to the workers. right now we have

4 Fish regions
Fish are a resource that give a bonus to food companies. A fish region gives a 5% bonus to food productivity. Since we have 4 that means we have a food bonus of 20%.

3 Cattle regions
Cattle are like fish also give food productivity. since we have three that adds 15% to our food productivity. So we have a 35% food bonus.

3 Deer regions
Deer are like cattle and fish so we can add another 15% to our food bonus making it 50%

1 fruit region
Same as the other mentioned resources so we add 5% to our bonuses making it 55%

0 Grain regions
the last resource that affects food. Acually they affect grain productivity. If a country has a grain region their grain productivity gets a 25% bonus. Grain is needed to make food.

We also have

2 Aluminum regions
Aluminum is basically like fish, cattle deer and fruit but instead of affecting the food bonus productivity it gives a bonus towards weapon productivity. So we have a 10% for weapons

0 saltpeter, or rubber

These are basically the same as aluminum they give a 5% bonus to weapon productivity.

0 Oil
Oil is like the three resources that give bonuses to weapon productivity, but it also is needed to produce moving tickets

1 Iron region
Iron is like grain it gives a 25% bonus to iron production which is needed to make weapons.

So what can we make from these resources?

Raw material companies make raw materials (grain, iron, stone and oil) and sell them to companies who need the raw materials to make products.

Food is made out of Grain which is made by Grain companies.

Moving Tickets are made out of oil bought from oil Companies

Weapons are made out of iron which is made in iron companies.

Houses, Hospitals and Defense Systems are made by stone.

Don't worry about what hospitals and defense systems are as they will be deleted by the Admins soon enough.

Types of companies
there are raw companies (grain, oil iron and stone). these compaines create raw materials which are sold to manufacturing companies
they are Q1 companies meaning by working in them you will lose only one health. raw companies cannot be upgraded into Q2, Q4 or Q83 etc.

The manufacturing companies (food, weapons, moving tickets, house, defense system and hospitals) create finished goods which citizens can buy (except for defense system and hospitals which are used by the goverment to defend certain regions). they can be and quality (Q) which is from Q1 to Q5
The Q of the company determines the amount of health you lose by working. Working in a Q1 company amkes you lose 1 health, Q2 lose 2 health and so on. it is best ot work in a Q1 company if as you lose the least health.

Next is the taxes

There is three types of taxes 
Income, import and Vat
Vat does not apply to Raw Materials
Income tax taxes the worker and the manager.
lets say you work in a food company. 5% of your income goes to the government.
Import taxes affect the prices of items from other countries. A company selling food from a different country would have to have sell at a lower price and then have a tax added to it increasing the price of the product.
Last is the VAT
the Vat tax applies only to manufactured products and not to raw materials. the VAT (value added Tax) taxes the buyer of manufactered products. Lets say a manager wants to put food on the market for $0.80, the VAT adds 5% to the price so it becomes 0.84 that 5% added goes to the government. Basically its like real life. (tax is included)

Short Summary 
Workers produce raw materials or manufactered products (depending on their company) which the manager sells. The higher the health of the worker the more he produces. The better quality of the company the more health the worker loses. Fish, Cattle, Deer and Fruits regions all increase the food production of workers. Grain regions increase the production of grain for workers. Aluminum, Saltpeter, rubber and oil increase weapon productivity rates. Oil also is needed for moving tickets. Iron increases iron production.
Grain makes food, Iron makes weapons, Oil makes moving tickets, Stone makes houses. Defens systems and hospitals are almost useless. Income taxes tax how much the government takes away from a workers income. Import tax taxes the products from other countries. VAT applies only to manufactured products and tax the products people buy.

Even shorter summary 
Work with high health