Thursday, August 23, 2012

Massive online multiplayer game - eRepublik

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You determine the course of history and become the ruler of a large virtual society. Here you have the chance to live your economic, political or military dreams... eRepublik is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), social network and strategic browser game in one. In eRepublik a parallel world (known as "New World") has emerged in which players represent the "citizens". You can join local and national parties in eRepublik, decide on economic policy, start businesses, write für newspapers, go to work, operate on the stock exchange, train your fighting skills and even start wars against other countries. All doors are open to you to create your new life in another world.

 In eRepublik, social networking and strategy were combined in a web game where you decide at the beginning which country you want to rule. Each country is named after a real state and the entire world map looks like the real world. You can not only decide on a country, but also pick a profession. Do you lead your people to prosperity as a good president or do you rather dominate the economy of your country as a wealthy company boss? Can you gather enough influence to convince everyone of your ideas? Write passionate speeches and organize large demonstrations.

Establish a newspaper and dominate the media. Team up with your friends and create the most powerful empire in eRepublik. You will be able to resolve many problems in eRepublik through diplomatic channels. But sometimes you are left no choice - and then war is inevitable. In that case, you need to gather your patriots and mercenaries to defend the borders of your country.


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